About Rainbow International

Rainbow International is a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of fresh fruits and vegetables. The salads we deliver come directly from the source: the growers of Harvest House. This cooperative arrangement allows us to respond quickly, which keeps the distance from grower to consumer as short as possible.

We collaborate with selected producers to offer soil-grown vegetables, sweet potatoes, fresh herbs, cress, and fruits. With our years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, we are a reliable supplier for the retail, food supply, wholesale sectors, and foodservice in Europe. Rainbow International: your one-stop-shop supplier.

Complete range Fruit & Vegetables

Rainbow International provides a full range of greenhouse vegetables, soil-grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and cresses in a variety of sizes, weights and (private label) packaging. For direct contact, please call +31 174 524 130 or send an email to contact@rainbowinternational.nl. You can find our complete contact information here.