Rainbow International is part of Harvest House, one of the Netherlands’ largest growers associations specialising in fruit vegetables. With our group of skilled growers and employees, Harvest House is always on top of market developments and has the flexibility to respond to changes. This specific product and market knowledge combined with innovative capabilities makes Harvest House a solid, collaborative partner. The Harvest House growers are among the Netherlands’ leading producers of fruit vegetables; not just through economy of scale, but also through agricultural innovation and supply chain management.

Facts & figures

  • Cultivation area: 817 hectares (2018 acres)
  • 67 growers of greenhouse vegetables
  • Tomatoes (fifteen varieties), sweet peppers (eight varieties), cucumbers (two varieties), aubergines, and courgettes
  • Year-round production: 270 hectares (666 acres) of artificially lit tomato cultivation
  • Production making use of geothermal energy and combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Certified according to the standard of good safety and CSR
  • Affiliated packing stations

Sweet pepper growers

More than 50 sweet pepper growers, are affiliated to Harvest House, with a combined total of 445 hectares (1100 acres) of cultivation area. This makes Harvest House the Netherlands’ largest sweet pepper supplier. Thanks to the cooperative structure, they are focused on the improvement of processes, and they keep each other updated on the latest developments. Among these initiatives are pilot programmes to experiment with growing sweet peppers under artificial lighting.

As a result of such pilot programmes, they hope to be able to produce sweet peppers year round in the future. They are also innovating in terms of varieties. They are continually looking for new varieties and other ways to serve new markets. Take for example the ‘Enjoya,’ a striped sweet pepper with a wonderful flavour and a delightful appearance; or the organic produce of Pura Natura. Pura Natura cultivates on coconut slabs instead of stone wool, meaning that they can be sold as organic in the USA.

Tomato growers

The world’s largest and most innovative tomato growers are affiliated to Harvest House. The eleven cultivation companies jointly grow more than fifteen different varieties of tomatoes on around 350 hectares (865 acres), including 270 hectares (666 acres) under artificial light. At Harvest House, there is not only space and scope for the larger tomato producers but also for smaller enterprises specialising in niche markets. Together, they offer a complete range of tomatoes. Many of the tomato growers that are members of Harvest House grow their wares using supplemental lighting. This means that as a cooperative we can guarantee supply all year round.

Other cultivation partners

The Harvest House aubergine, cucumber and courgette growers allow us to supply a complete range of fruit vegetables. We supply high-quality products directly from the source.
In addition, Rainbow International works alongside reliable cultivation partners within and outside the Netherlands. In this way, we can also supply soil-grown products, fruit, herbs and cresses of good quality.

We care…

Rainbow International operates with respect for people, the environment and surroundings. ‘We care for the environment’. Read more >.