Rainbow International works closely with various modern packaging centres. Thanks to this cooperation, we not only retain control over the chain but we can also directly respond to the packaging wishes of every client. Rainbow International works with different parties including Rainbow Kleinpak and Greenpack.

Rainbow Kleinpak
Rainbow Kleinpak is Rainbow International’s main service provider in the sorting and packaging of capsicums. This packaging centre specialises in packaging that meets the wishes of our clients, such as private label packaging, mix pallets and full loads.

Facts & figures
- 13.000 m2
- 27 docks
- 2 modern sorting machines with a production capacity of 250,000 kg of sweet peppers per day
- Flow-pack machinery with a production capacity of 250,000 flow packs per day
- Cucumber sealing machine
- Packaging machine pointed pepper


Greenpack specialises in the packaging of tomatoes, and is one of Europe’s largest packaging centres. The entire internal process focuses on the efficient and food-safe processing of products. Products that are harvested in the morning have often already been packaged in client-specific packaging by the afternoon, ready for distribution to our buyers. The location is ideal: alongside the A20 motorway, just 10 minutes away from the Stena Line terminal in Hook of Holland and 20 minutes away from the port of Rotterdam.

Facts & figures

- 41.000 m2
- 97 docks
- 70 permanent employees
- 560 seasonal employees

- 18 million boxes per year
- 58 million kg of vine tomatoes
- 79 million kg of tomatoes

Packaging lines:
- 6 cherry tomato lines
- 22 vine tomato lines
- 1 loose tomato line
- 1 cucumber line
- 4 sweet pepper lines

Besides working with Rainbow Kleinpak and Greenpack, we also work extensively with other packing stations such as Final Select, Wijnen Square Crops, 4Evergreen and Vitensa. These arrangements mean that the possibilities for satisfying the clients’ packaging wishes are limitless.

We care…

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