Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
directly from the source

The ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier
of vegetables & fruit!

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We are Rainbow International,

We are the leading one-stop-shop supplier of fruit and vegetables for the retail, food supply, wholesale, food service sectors, and other sectors in Europe.

Our products come directly from the source. We are part of Harvest House and work closely with the affiliated salad growers. In addition, we have selected the best producers of fruit and vegetables to make our high-quality product range complete.

Together, we can provide the shortest chain from cultivation to consumer. Products reach consumers quickly while still fresh. They come in the most attractive form, size, and packaging. And in the most reliable manner. You can count on it!

Your partner for all your fresh produce needs.

We supply a complete range of green-house and outdoor soil-grown vegetables, fruit, herbs, and cresses in various sizes, weights, and packaging (including private label)

The shortest chain
from cultivation to consumer


Our Harvest House growers are the source. They are at the heart of who we are and what we do. They are passionate about great-looking natural and healthy products.

Packaging and sorting

Our packers Rainbow Kleinpak and Greenpack sort and pack all products for our sweet pepper and tomato growers. Not only is this cost efficient but it also makes things easier for the growers. It enables them to focus more on their crops, so that they can produce a high-quality product.

Efficient logistics

Streamlined logistics are essential to ensure the fruit and vegetables are transported from the producer to the consumer as quickly and as fresh as possible. In this regard, we offer service through partnerships with trustworthy and sustainable partners, so that we can guarantee a product that is as fresh as possible at low costs and with short delivery times.

Trademarketing & Insights

Our marketing team is always on top of the latest trends and insights in the market. We conduct consumer surveys and continuously analyse the latest market developments and market figures. This enables us to develop concepts and propositions that are always a perfect match for the consumer needs of today and tomorrow. 

Right up to the shelves

We direct the chain from the source right up to the shelves and offer our retail customers a broad, varied, and inspiring range of fruit and vegetable products.

We share our ideas with you and can provide comprehensive advice on the ideal product mix, the best shelf plan, and support you with in-store promotional materials, such as displays or innovative packaging.


Satisfied consumers

Rainbow International’s mission is clear – to bring a range of high-quality fruit and vegetables from the greenhouse to European consumers. In the most attractive form and in the most reliable manner. We want to help contribute to a healthy life.

Rainbow International in numbers

  • 100 % Member of Harvest House
  • 38 Growers
  • 1226 ha. area
  • Operating in 31 countries
  • 10 Packaging centers

How we provide
added value

  • Our high-quality products are available all year round.

  • We develop packaging that meets your needs.

  • We introduce product innovations for on your shelves.

  • We have in-depth product knowledge.

  • We respond to trends and demands in the market.

  • We work closely with retailers to ensure the ultimate experience.

Sustainability is in our

We are member of Harvest House.

We are committed to providing everyone in the world with acces to affordable, healthy, and delicious food.

At Harvest House, we deliver on a promise: we are the source of a healthy life.

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