We care...

With our coordinating role within the chain, we strive to make sustainable, fresh, tasty, and healthy produce available to our clients. We produce our sustainable products in such a way that they have a minimal impact on the environment and surroundings. In doing so, we are critical towards our own business operations while expecting the same of our growers and farmers.

We and our partners are all certified at the highest level in the field of food safety and hygiene. All fruit and vegetable products sold by Rainbow International carry GlobalGAP certification. This certification sets requirements relating to food safety, sustainability, and quality. The Harvest House growers have a wealth of experience in this. They therefore continually monitor the business operations with a critical eye, looking at the consumption of energy, fertilisers, water, and labour.

Complete range Fruits and Vegetables

Rainbow International provides a full range of greenhouse vegetables, soil-grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and cresses in a variety of sizes, weights and (private label) packaging. For direct contact, please call +31 174 524 130 or send an email to contact@rainbowinternational.nl. You can find our complete contact information here.